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Daily Rhythm

Our Daily Adventure: Nurturing Curiosity and Connection


Every day at our school begins with a warm welcome, as we invite families to bring their children to the outdoor play area before saying a gentle goodbye. This shared moment sets the tone for a day of exploration, connection, and collaborative learning.

Outdoor Time

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on the transformative power of outdoor play, regardless of the season or weather. Children actively engage with nature, from tending to our garden and checking on our worm friends to letting their imaginations run wild with creative play. Pinecones become towering muffins, lavender transforms into imaginary carrots for stew, and the outdoor environment becomes a canvas for artistic expression with readily available paint easels and an outdoor chalkboard wall. Outdoor play concludes with a wholesome snack of organic apple slices and homemade muffins, fostering a sense of community during movement games and our Morning Circle activities.

Indoor  Time

As we transition indoors, our day continues with a circle time filled with joyful singing and brief literacy activities. The indoor environment is carefully designed to encourage oral language expression through a variety of activities, including creative play, open-ended art, math activities, and natural exploration of literature and literacy experiences. Children have the freedom to choose from these activities, promoting autonomy and a love for learning.

Lunchtime and Creative Cooking

Indoor play concludes with a highlight of the day – lunchtime. Children actively participate in preparing their homemade organic lunch, cultivating a sense of responsibility and a connection to the food they eat. Baking sessions every Wednesday and Friday not only enhance culinary skills but also provide a delightful way to explore the joy of creating together.

Afternoon Program

Many of our children stay for our Afternoon Program which begins by settling children down for a nap or rest time as we prepare our indoor environment by closing the blinds and turning off lights, lighting candles and singing a soothing song while one of our teachers softly plays the marimba.

Children who don’t nap rest and then join a teacher outside for outdoor play after resting with quiet activities for a half hour.


Children who do nap go outside after waking up naturally. Children come inside together for a warm vegetarian organic snack and more indoor play activities.

Ending Time

We end our day together with one last circle time of songs and stories. This reflective time allows children to share their experiences, fostering a sense of community and connection. Our daily adventure concludes, leaving children with fond memories and a deep appreciation for the joy of learning in a nurturing and creative environment.

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