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Established in 2007, Las Mañanitas is dedicated to fostering a vibrant

and immersive Spanish learning experience for preschool, TK, and Kinder students by creating a nurturing environment where both Spanish and English-speaking children flourish, building a foundation for lifelong language skills and a love for learning.

Kids walking in the nature


Language Enrichment

We are committed to providing a warm, fun, and natural setting where children, regardless of their primary language, feel secure and engaged in the beauty of the Spanish language.


Natural Play-Based Learning 

Recognizing the power of 'natural play,' we structure our daily activities to create diverse opportunities for children to speak, sing, dialogue, problem-solve, and listen. Through imaginative play, circle singing time, storytelling, art, baking, and gardening, we lay the groundwork for a robust educational foundation.

Meaningful Experiences

We believe in the significance of meaningful relationships and activities. Our curriculum emphasizes experiences that allow children to explore language within the context of their daily interactions, providing an unparalleled academic basis for future learning.

Children gardening together


Language Exploration

We believe that every child, regardless of their linguistic background, can benefit from and enjoy the rich experience of exploring a new language.


Play as Foundation 

We hold the belief that natural play is not just an enjoyable pastime but the cornerstone of a powerful and enduring educational foundation for young minds.

Environmental Impact 

We are convinced that a carefully curated physical environment, filled with natural and thoughtfully chosen elements, significantly contributes to the lasting impact of a child's learning experience.

Cultural Connection

We believe in fostering a cultural connection through literature, activities, and interactions that inspire a love for language and a deeper understanding of the diverse world around us.

Where we are located

Las Mañanitas is located in San Francisco’s historic Westwood Park neighborhood and housed in a 1900’s Bungalow style home surrounded by a garden of flowers, herbs and vegetables which the children help tend and more than 14 trees on site.

Map of San Francisco
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