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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning at Las Mañanitas

At Las Mañanitas, we recognize the significance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the holistic development of each child. Our commitment to nurturing not only academic skills but also emotional intelligence is deeply embedded in our daily curriculum and interactions. We utilize materials and books from Piplo Productions to develop foundational language around emotional competency.

Here's how we integrate SEL into the daily experiences of our school community:

Emotional Literacy

We prioritize helping children understand and express their emotions. Through age-appropriate activities, discussions, and storytelling, we encourage children to recognize and articulate their feelings. By fostering emotional literacy, we empower them to navigate and communicate their emotions effectively.


Empathy Building

Our educators facilitate an environment that promotes empathy and understanding. Through group activities, cooperative play, and shared experiences, children learn to appreciate and respect the perspectives of others. We believe that developing empathy lays the foundation for positive relationships and a harmonious community.

Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

SEL encompasses the development of self-awareness and self-regulation. Our daily routines include mindfulness exercises, reflection time, and activities that encourage children to understand their emotions and practice self-control. These practices contribute to the cultivation of emotional resilience and a positive self-image.


Social Skills Development

We emphasize the importance of strong social skills for building healthy relationships. Through group activities, team projects, and interactive play, children learn cooperation, communication, and the value of teamwork. These experiences help them navigate social interactions with confidence and kindness.

Community & Inclusion

Creating a sense of belonging is crucial for SEL. We foster a welcoming and inclusive community where every child feels valued. Celebrating diversity, exploring different cultures, and promoting kindness contribute to a positive and supportive learning environment.


Responsive Teaching

Our educators are trained to be responsive to the emotional needs of each child. By establishing strong teacher-child relationships, we create a secure base for emotional development. Teachers provide guidance, encouragement, and support, fostering a trusting environment where children feel safe to express themselves.

Conflict Resolution

Teaching children how to manage conflicts constructively is an essential aspect of SEL. We provide guidance on effective communication, active listening, and compromise. Children learn problem-solving skills and strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully, promoting a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.


In conclusion, Social Emotional Learning is an integral part of our daily activities at Las Mañanitas Preschool. By prioritizing emotional intelligence, empathy, and positive social interactions, we aim to equip our young learners with the essential skills and attitudes needed for a successful and fulfilling educational journey.

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