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Launch & Curriculum

Kinder in Las Mañanitas

In 2023 we began offering families the opportunity to continue in Las Mañanitas for kinder. Building on our years of experience teaching TK in a multiage setting, as a teaching team we were confident that we could offer a robust kinder curriculum. With a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and ten years of classroom Spanish bilingual teaching experience in Kinder through 3rd grade, Kim is well equipped to lead her teaching team as they expand the curriculum to meet the needs of kinder students. We are excited about the opportunities this new venture holds for families and for our school.

Why Kinder?

For many years our families have been asking us to consider expanding our program to include kinder due to the limited placements in SFUSD’s Spanish Immersion schools and the limited options to continue high level Spanish language instruction in private schools. Additionally, families with children who have late summer birthdays yet do not qualify for TK programs wanted to have an opportunity to give their children the gift of time to stay in a smaller educational setting while continuing a robust Spanish Immersion experience. After completing our kinder program, students can apply to Kinder or 1st grade in SFUSD (particularly in Spanish Immersion) or a private independent school.

Our Kinder Curriculum

Besides continuing with all of the nature based experiential learning through play, Kinder students in Las Mañanitas participate in small group learning focusing on kinder math skills, Spanish Language Phonics through the Estrellita Program (all Las Mañanitas teachers are trained in this method), and 20 minutes of English Language Development which is a fundamental part of Dual Immersion Kinder Programs in SFUSD.

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