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Welcome to Las Mañanitas - Preschool, TK, and Kinder

Imagine, Explore, and Create - In Spanish!

Our Mission

Established in 2007, Las Mañanitas is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and immersive Spanish learning experience for preschool, TK, and kinder students by creating a nurturing environment where both Spanish and English-speaking children flourish, building a foundation for lifelong language skills and a love for learning.

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Language Immersion

Embark on a linguistic journey where imagination knows no bounds. At Las Mañanitas, we believe every child, regardless of their linguistic background, can delight in the rich experience of exploring a new language. Imagine a world where young minds envision and create language, fostering a lifelong love for diverse expressions.



Playful Foundations

Dive into a realm where play is not just a pastime but the cornerstone of a powerful educational foundation. Las Mañanitas recognizes that natural play cultivates the imagination, exploration, and creativity essential for a child's growth. Explore the boundless possibilities that unfold when young minds engage in the joyous journey of play-based learning.


Environmental Impact on Learning

Witness the transformative impact of a carefully curated environment at Las Mañanitas. Our belief in the significant role of a thoughtfully designed physical space, adorned with natural elements, contributes to the lasting impact of a child's learning experience. Create a space where young minds imagine, explore, and shape their educational journey amidst an environment that enhances their creativity and curiosity.

What Families Are Saying

"The feeling that we got compared to the other preschools that we visited was just… sometimes you know when it's the right thing and the right fit for your kid, and you know, we had that feeling as soon as we stepped in. They're just incredibly loving, nurturing people that we've been very fortunate to have our daughter be connected with. I just can't thank you enough for everything you have done for her, and congratulations so much on your award. It is so well deserved."

(Adesola Seligman, Parent)

Guiding Foundations

The Essence of Las Mañanitas


Las Mañanitas is dedicated to providing equitable, high-quality learning experiences through collaborative partnerships. Our mission involves addressing community priorities, breaking down barriers, and fostering a nurturing environment.

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